Travel Impressions is one of the largest leisure tour operators in the United States and a wholly owned subsidiary of American Express. Since its founding in 1974, Travel Impressions has taken approximately six million travelers on vacations to Mexico, the Caribbean, the Islands of the Bahamas, Bermuda, Central and South America, Europe, Dubai, South Africa, the Islands of Tahiti, Canada, Hawaii and the Continental U.S. Today, Travel Impressions provides leisure vacation packages to 150 destinations and more than 2,100 resorts and hotels worldwide, departing from cities nationwide. The company also offers the TI Gay and Lesbian Travel program, an online vacation source for gay-friendly travel.

Travel Impressions has been the recipient of numerous industry awards for outstanding customer service, including being named Travel Weekly Readers’ Choice as “Best Tour Operator, Sales and Service” for an unprecedented five consecutive years (2005-2009), Performance Media Group’s 2009 Readers’ Choice as “Best Tour Operator/Wholesaler Overall,” and AAA’s 2008 “Tour Partner of the Year.” In addition, the company has been recognized for its leading technology, most knowledgeable reservations staff and award-winning marketing.

Travel Impressions Caribbean Vacations

More than 30 Caribbean island gemstones, large and small with unique charms, enticements and colors await your vacation. The natural beauty of the Caribbean leaves the soul stirred and the senses yearning for more.

Since Columbus's voyage to the Caribbean over 500 years ago, visitors from across the globe have sampled the aquamarine waters, gleaming beaches, delectable cuisine and invigorating nightlife. With mountains to climb, volcanoes to conquer, rainforests to explore and secluded lagoons to discover, there are activities and temptations for any and every vacation.

Enjoy a sunny and warm Caribbean vacation close to home.  As the trade winds blow gently through each perfect Caribbean island, you will revel in the culture and traditions that draw on a rich history. The Caribbean is a wonderland overflowing with romance, adventure, discovery and awe blended with the modern rhythms and luxurious amenities of today.


Travel Impressions Mexican VacationsTravel Impressions

The rich land... The dreamy landscape... The warmth of its people... The past and the present in perfect harmony... This is Mexico. Mexico offers vacationers the tranquility and beauty of its lovely beaches, known and admired all over the world for their eternal sun and warm ambiance.

It is one of the only places where you can find spectacular archeological sites and colonial cities that tell stories of glory and tradition. Unmatched landscapes, varied and exotic dishes, and the genius of Mexican craftsmanship all contribute to the wonder of this beautiful country. Mexico is a land of contrast, tradition, culture and fun, all at an excellent price and first class comfort.


Travel Impressions Europeon Vacations

Experience the seductive power of the Pacific islands in Hawaii, Samoa, Vanuatu and Fiji. Explore New Zealand’s wine country, pristine beaches, geothermal wonders and awe inspiring natural beauty. Discover a world of ancient traditions in the power of the Maori Haka. Take in the Victorian splendor of Melbourne and the friendly esprit de corps of Sydney and Auckland. Be among the few to discover the gardens and waterfalls of Burnie, Tasmania. Throughout your journey, experience a deep and personal connection to each unique destination with our exclusive, award-winning shore excursions.


Travel Impressions Hawaiian Vacations

It’s hard to believe that a destination so remote, so exotic and so magnificent could be part of the United States. But Hawaii is all of that, and so much more. When you picture a perfect paradise in your imagination, chances are it looks a lot like Hawaii. Its waters so blue, they seem other-worldly. Its beaches pristine, you feel as if you could be the first human who ever stepped foot onto the smooth glimmering sand. Its forests so lush, they shine like newly cut emerald. Its sunsets so brilliant, the sky seems ablaze with fire. Its volcanoes so imposing, you can only stand back and stare in awe at the wonders nature.

People who have traveled to Hawaii save a piece of it in their hearts. Honeymooners cherish the golden days of unbridled romance. Families treasure the days of welcoming bliss under a shining sun. Adventurers thrill at the thought of catching the perfect wave. With extraordinary natural beauty, fascinating culture, rich history and endless activities, Hawaii can be all things to all people - or something unforgettable just for you.


Travel Impressions U.S.A. Vacations

With so much beauty, excitement and diversity, no place offers as many vacation possibilities as the United States.

From the top of the Empire State Building to the foot of the Statue of Liberty to the bright lights of Times Square, New York City provides thrills 24 hours a day. There, the best and brightest are front and center – in the museums, on Broadway, at the United Nations and at historic Yankee Stadium.

There’s more than one reason why Florida is called the Sunshine State.  It’s also a description of how you feel wherever – and whenever – you travel Florida.  With endless coastline, Florida’s beaches are always a glorious welcome.

The allure of Arizona packs all of the enchantment you could ask for. Whether exploring the Grand Canyon, relaxing in a Scottsdale spa or playing golf in Phoenix, the only state you’ll be in is one of bliss.

Perfect weather is the perfect backdrop to your California dreaming. Experience the glitz of Hollywood, the renowned San Diego Zoo, the charm of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and the beauty of Sonoma’s wine country.

With hotels in the US varying from the ultra luxurious to the economy variety, there are accommodations that will fit every budget, within every state.


Travel Impressions Canadian Vacations

Caribbean Cruises: Our carefully crafted itineraries offer choice Caribbean cruise experiences across three distinct regions. For the ultimate day in paradise: our award winning private island, Half Moon Cay.

Eastern Caribbean & Bahamas Cruises: For the beauty of its beaches, the Eastern Caribbean and Bahamas are unequalled. On the horizon: the diverse cultures and attractions of St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk and San Juan.

Western Caribbean Cruises: Discover miles of perfect beach, world-class diving and ancient Mayan ruins. Explore Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and the Caribbean islands of Grand Cayman, Grand Turk and our award winning private island, Half Moon Cay.

Southern Caribbean Cruises: Off the beaten track lie tiny island nations: St. Lucia, Martinique, Curaçao, and Barbados. A bit further - the Panama Canal and Costa Rica. All itineraries include our private island, Half Moon Cay.


Travel Impressions Latin American Vacations

The stunning destinations of Central America are rich in cultural treasures, with a glorious backdrop of luxuriant tropical foliage, towering mountains and a bevy of navigable rivers and lakes. All this, populated by warm and hospitable people. Soak in the sparkling Pacific or Caribbean, stand in the mist of the world’s most magical waterfalls, and surf, swim and snorkel to your heart’s content. Journey deep into the dense and vibrant jungle, where rare birds, exotic animals and colorful plant life abounds. Explore the ruins of mighty civilizations that have been lost to the ages.

Welcome to the wonders of South America. Your trip will take you on an extraordinary vacation enjoying both man-made and natural wonders. Argentina and Brazil offer something for everyone… from majestic glaciers, to the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, to the wonders of Iguazu Falls. In Brazil, you might be drawn to the glamour of Rio, but venture beyond the infamous Copacabana Beach, and you will find thousands of miles of beach to explore, traditional Afro-Brazilian culture, colonial towns, rainforests, and spectacular views of Iguazu Falls.