The real Caribbean is waiting for you to experience its unhurried charm at Grand Pineapple Beach Negril and Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua. Silky white sand stretches, gently caressed by translucent turquoise waves. Colorful accommodations nestled amidst lush flowering gardens. Abundantly delicious food served up beneath the deep blue tropical sky. Truly these two all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica and Antigua are among the most affordable getaways in the entire Caribbean.

Grand Pineapple Beach Negril, Jamaica

Set along one of the globe's most famed beaches-Negril's seven-mile span-this place truly captures the very soul of the tropics. Sip a frosty beverage from your front row seat, right on the satiny sand, overlooking the jade ocean sparkling beneath the noonday sun. Stroll pathways fragrant with orange blossom. Let the infectious reggae rhythms stimulate your pulse. Become entranced with island living.

Grand Pineapple Beach, Antigua

Silky white sand, so pure it casts a pinkish hue, stretching in a secluded horseshoe-shaped crescent for 1,600 feet, enclosing the scintillating turquoise waters of Long Bay on Antigua's northeast coast-it woutld be hard to picture a more perfect setting. Get away from reality altogether, as you explore all the enticements of paradise displayed so abundantly in this luscious, 25-acre Caribbean hideaway.